Charges Against Student Who Wore NRA Shirt Dropped

Judge Eric O’Briant has ordered dismissal of charges against Jared Marcum, the student who was arrested after wearing an NRA T-shirt to school.     The prosecutor agreed with defense attorney, that sticking Jared with a criminal record for failing to stop talking to a cop was excessive.

Jared had been suspended from Logan Middle School, in West Virginia,  for refusing a teachers demand to take off or turn his NRA T-shirt inside out.

See the story from April 18 HERE.

Ecuador Considers Asylum to Snowden, Renounces U.S. Trade Benefits

Ecuador, a country which depends on the U.S. for about half of its trade, has rejected one of two possible trade preference agreements from the U.S. and is considering asylum to NSA whistleblower/leaker  Edward Snowden.   Apparently the final decision is only made once Snowden arrives in the country and makes his request in person.   Communications Minister, Fernando Alvarez, said that Ecuador “does not accept threats from anybody, and does not trade in principles, or submit to mercantile interests, as important as they may be.”

It’s a sign of increasing global disrespect for the U.S., and its ever more apparent, governmental culture of corruption.

While Obama publicly said he did not want to be wheeling and dealing in agreements with other countries in order to obtain extradition of Snowden, his minions are taking care of that for him.

Senator Bob Menendez, the Senate Foreign relations committee chairman, and a face of corruption himself, has said that he  “will lead the effort to prevent the renewal of Ecuador’s duty-free access under GSP and will also make sure there is no chance for renewal of the Andean Trade Promotion and Drug Eradication Act.”

Pharmer’s inclination is to buy more broccoli and artichokes and whatever other products which are imported  from Ecuador.   It’s worth mentioning that inept U.S.  foreign policy is the means by which other competing powers, with opposing interests, strengthen their influence in South America.

Senate Approves Amnesty

Seeing the support for Amnesty eroding among the republicans,  Harry Reid rammed the bill, (largely unread, packed with pork, and a provision for Napolitano to refuse to build a border fence), through the senate in a big hurry.   It passed with only 32 votes opposing.

The amnesty bill has many qualities similar to Obamacare, which will serve to foster poverty and dependency.   Since the recipients of amnesty will not be eligible for obamacare, they will be hired preferentially to U.S. citizens, who cost more to employ due to the health care obligations for employers.

Naturally the largest political donors and corporations favored this bill, as a means to cut employment costs, and  survive in the downward spiraling economy.

The U.S. Catholic Bishops have invested millions in campaigning for amnesty,  otherwise called immigration reform.   This has been a secondary cause for many of the more aware Catholics to stop their donations, behind their support of Obamacare.   Unfortunately less than a third of Catholics are aware how tied up the bishops are into this political effort.

While Mexican illegal immigrants are the primary front group pushed forward to obtain sympathy for the bill,  it will affect illegal immigrants from all parts of the world.    It will be easier for us to import and grant benefits to such as the Tsunaev brothers and their pressure cooker bombs.

Taking Mexico as an example,   15% or more of that country’s workforce is in the U.S. and  it provides revenue back to the Mexican Government  second only to their oil industry.    The Mexicans themselves realize that exporting their most ambitious people and obtaining revenue in this way suppresses the development of their own economy. 

The U.S. corporate interests, as well as all other amnesty supporters have actively chosen the path of utilizing Mexico to bolster the United States permanent underclass, rather than to encourage and assist Mexico’s own economic development.

The crony corporatists believe that first  generation immigrants tend to comprise the most ambitious and hard working people, and that their progeny tend to relax and lose the work ethic under the umbrella of U.S. government aid.  Therefore  a cynical program in place to provide birth control and abortions at the locations where the immigrants are most numerous.    This has resulted in Hispanics aborting at nearly three times the rate of  Whites.  It’s the same methodology of “voter stock” control which has been applied to Black Americans.   Those who find it hard to believe that our government holds Mexicans in as low regard as it holds Blacks should recall the Eric Holder, Fast and Furious, gun running program which caused the deaths of 300 plus Mexican citizens.   These killings were not considered a crime worthy of national attention and punishment for the offenders.

It is astonishing  that any religious groups  would provide funding to assist with this cycle of injustice.   It is also astonishing that Marco Rubio  went along with this, though we have come to expect such stupidity from certain other republicans.   It is suspected that he was groomed as the face of Amnesty in order to kill his presidential political prospects.   Although there is a good chance to stop this particular amnesty bill in the Congress,  the leftists have succeeded in wiping out a future Republican presidential prospect.

Clinton Flip-Flop

Bill Clinton is hailing the Supreme Court decision to overturn portions of the Defense of Marriage Act which HE signed into law in 1996.

Cerebral atherosclerosis and various infectious organisms might have combined to produce this evolution in Clinton’s thinking regarding how we should spend federal dollars, providing benefits to couples who both could have been working all their lives, not supporting children, thereby having more opportunity to accrue their own retirement funds and individual health plans.

By the way, this SCOTUS  decision  affects only the way the Federal government looks at gay marriage, and not how the states view it, with the exception of vacating a court appeal supporting Prop 8 in California.  It’s not as big a deal as some might think.

What do you think should be the next move for churches, which  will need to protect their First Amendment rights to oppose homosexual Activity on a moral basis?  Obama assures us that HE will not force churches to officiate gay marriages.  Like all of his other social agendas…….. someone else will do the forcing for him.

**The Supreme court vacated the 9th Circuit Court decision on California’s Prop 8, so that restriction on homosexual marriage  remains the law of the land in that state.  The federal court takes no position on the states decisions regarding same sex marriage.   Any further attempts to appeal Prop 8 will have to take place in the California state court system.

Late Term Abortion has a Cover Girl in Texas

Texas state senator, Wendy Davis, has volunteered to be the poster girl of late term abortion by attempting to filibuster a bill which would limit abortion to 20 weeks, and also put in place some regulations regarding hospital admitting privileges for abortionists. Leftists feared that this would have forced closure of dozens of abortion clinics, so they mounted a vigorous and disorderly protest, which turned out to be what eventually killed the passage of this bill. The vote results are said to have been delayed just past midnight, thereby setting things back to ground zero for the SB-5, TX bill prohibiting late term abortion.

Update: Governor Perry has brought SB-5, back to life by calling another special legislative session, saying that “too much important work remains undone for the people of Texas”. Business resumes on July 1.

Wendy Davis TX State Senator D face of abortion
TX Sen Wendy Davis (D)

Update: The regime added Obama’s support for Davis during with a tweet at #standwithwendy : “Something special is happening in Austin tonight”.

Leftists are cursing Governor Perry for adding another special session to finish the business which the pro-abortion mob shouted down during the couple hours of 6/25.  Check out more of  Wendy Davis’s classy  twitter backup crew here, and here.

Argument Against Mainstreaming Students with Physical and Learning Disabilities.

In earlier times, there were  good arguments for educating students with various physical or learning disabilities with the general population, as much as possible.  If done appropriately, the resulting interactions  can add to the lives of all of the students.

With the “progressive” attitudes coming from the left, towards the appropriateness of children having sex,  one wonders if the educational mainstreaming policies will have to be curtailed.  Millions of tax payer dollars are being used to present a type of  sex education  in elementary and high schools, which the NYT and Washington post have deemed to graphic for its adult readers.   (More likely, they would rather you not know about it).

Rational people would not suggest that all of the students with significant learning  disabilities, are able to give informed consent to sexual activity, regardless of their physical development.   But we cannot expect rationality from those of our progressive leaders,  whose judgment and cognitive disorders prevent them from associating actions and consequences.

Some of the kids clearly are able to indicate that they don’t want the sexual activity, particularly while at school, but are not given the opportunity to refuse.  That situation likely fits the case of an LA seventh grader who apparently got more “global preparation” than he and his parents anticipated, at the school named below. 

Shortly after  the child’s “preparatory” experience, administered by an 8th grader who lured him behind the bleachers,  he was transported  to a rape crisis center.

global preparation
Barack Obama Global Preparation Academy

The parents of the boy have sued the school officials, citing their prior expressed concerns about their son’s safety, and the  fact that these were not  addressed by the school.  The Los Angeles school district is facing other, similar  lawsuits, which are said to indicate a systemic problem within the schools.

All in all, in our brave new world, run by the leftists,  it appears that life for people with various disabilities is going to get a lot harder, if it is allowed to proceed at all.  During this downhill slide, it might  not be safe to mainstream, kids who are physically or mentally challenged, into the public school systems.

Celebrity Democrat, Obama Supporter Accused of Using Racial Slur in the Past

CLICK Paula Deen Image for expanded view
CLICK Paula Deen Image for expanded view

If you click to see the expanded view of this image, you’ll see that not only is Paula Deen a celebrity Democrat, she was an Obama supporter in 2008. She’s in a bit of a spot now, having been fired from her cooking show for using a racial slur in the past and for some other workplace issues. Her employer has not renewed her cooking show contract, which expires this month.

Agriculture Bill goes down in Flames

The conservatives who think the Farm subsidy bill gave away too much money to the wrong people, and the dems who think the bill did not give away enough welfare dollars joined forces to defeat the legislation. 

Call a Waaaaaambulance for the ag lobbyists.  They are freaking out.


The Farm bill contained about $740 billion in food stamps and $200 billion in subsidies which are often welfare for the rich.

Pharmer is of the opinion that food stamp spending should be in a food stamp bill, and farm subsidies should be in a farm subsidy bill.  We the people, and our legislators should know exactly how the government intends to misappropriate our money.  Therefore, the mood on this Pharm about Farm bill defeat in the house is overall, ‘happy happy happy’.