Abortion Supporters Fear Legal Recognition of Biological Fact

Mississippi Abortion Amendment 26 Says Life Begins at Fertilization | Video | TheBlaze.com.

It’s in your developmental biology book, and your general biology text.   Life for an organism of sexually reproducing species begins when fertilization is complete.

Mississippi proposes to recognize this fact in law, amid objections from abortion supporters.

They complain that this amendment might affect the availability of many birth control pills.

This is an admission that birth control pills, which operate by multiple mechanisms, including interference with implantation, have been misbranded as contraceptives.

Maybe we can request a surgeon general warning on BC pill packs that says: WARNING: this pill may operate by stopping the life of an early human embryo.

The warning could be upgraded for Plan B, and especially for Ella, doses of which can be accumulated for use in home abortions.

It is feared that legal recognition of what developmental biologists have observed might hurt the pharmaceutical and abortion industry.   Maybe if they had been honest all along, such efforts as Mississippi amendment 26 would not have been necessary.