“American Sniper” Author Chris Kyle Killed at Shooting Range

Eddie Ray Routh is being held as the prime suspect in the shooting death of famed Navy Seal Sniper, Chris Kyle, and one other veteran, Chad Littlefield,  at a charity event held at Rough Creek Lodge Shooting Range in Texas.  The two victims were killed at point blank at about 3:30, and the suspect, said to have fled in Kyle’s truck, was apprehended hours later in Lancaster, TX.  Routh is said to have been a marine, with the media providing his impetus for the shooting as post traumatic stress disorder.

Chris Kyle served with Navy Seal Team 3, completing  four tours of duty in Iraq, for which he was awarded numerous military honors.  He is regarded as the U.S. Military’s most prolific sniper. Since leaving the military, he headed a private firm, Craft International, which provided private security and  sniper instruction for law enforcement and military.  A co-founder of FITCO Cares Foundation, Kyle was involved in numerous charities and spent much of his spare time assisting disabled veterans.

After surviving two previous shootings, and six IED explosions, Chris Kyle met his untimely death at age 39, at the hands of a fellow service veteran.   He leaves behind his wife and two children.

Readers who want to understand the mind and career of Chris Kyle can check out his recently released best selling book, American Sniper.