Bob Woodward: Obama is Lying About the Sequester

Bob Woodward, leftie journalist of the Washington Post, in a “random act of Journalism”, has revealed the detailsabout the origin of the ‘sequester‘, which Obama is currently blaming on the Republicans.

Jack Lew and Obama cooked up the ‘sequester‘.  It’s automatically triggered reduction in projected spending, which was to prevent Obama from having to negotiate the issue during the campaign.

Says Woodward: “The president and Lew had this wrong. My extensive reporting for my book “The Price of Politics” shows that the automatic spending cuts were initiated by the White House and were the brainchild of Lew and White House congressional relations chief Rob Nabors — probably the foremost experts on budget issues in the senior ranks of the federal government.Obama personally approved of the plan for Lew and Nabors to propose the sequester to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.). They did so at 2:30 p.m. July 27, 2011, according to interviews with two senior White House aides who were directly involved.”

Do click on the paragraph above.    You will find out that  Bob Woodward is still a good leftie reporter, working for the Washington Post.  Hecouldn’t dance to the media tune, because Obama’s lie contradicted what he had already written in his own book.
Woodward still thinks that Obama is right to insist on more taxes and, most particularly taxing the rich, but he’s not going along with the lie that the Republicans invented the ‘sequester’.

By the way, the sequester is puny, not enough reduction in spending, and will not cause the projected disasters because very little money is involved, as a percentage of total spending. Since the sequester is Obama’s idea, it does contain disproportionate reductions in projected military expenditures, when compared to government dependency programs.