Breitbart HighlightsAbortionist LeRoy Carhart’s Relationship with Kathleen Sebelius

Woman Dies in Late-Term Abortion Performed by Doctor Linked to Sebelius.

Click above to see Breitbart’s reminder to us of the connection between Kathleen Sebelius, Obama’s HHS Secretary, and LeRoy Carhartt. Sebelius hosted a big abortion dinner party for 25 guests, the staff at George Tiller’s famous clinc, which made Kansas the late term abortion capital of the U.S.
LeRoy Carhartt was one of the illuminaries who worked with Tiller at the time, and he and his wife Mary Lou Carhart attended the dinnner at the Governor’s mansion.

Operation Rescue has the story and the pics of this event, HERE.

Breitbart points out LeRoy Carhart’s political and legal history, as well as the national renown which has drawn thousands of protestors to his clinic when it opened and as it continues to operate.

The mainstream media is trying hard to ignore the latest botched abortion at Carhart’s clinic in Germantown, Maryland, in which both mom and 33 week old baby were killed. The blogosphere will not let this story be swept under the rug.