Fix the Family: Reasons to NOT Send Your Daughter to College

Raylan Alleman at the Fix the Family website has gotten some press on The Blaze, stirring up quite a bit of controversy, over his negative view of college for women. Most are foaming at the mouth over the perceived sexism but a few have noted that Alleman has a point, when he calls College for girls a “near occasion of sin”.

Possibly the concise list of concerns provided by Proverbs 17-12NLT (commenting on The Blaze) are a driving force of this Catholic group’s negative view of college. See below:

What College Teaches- By Proverbs17-12NLT, commenter on The Blaze
What College Teaches- By Proverbs17-12NLT, commenter on The Blaze

Most of the schools are a negative overall influence on women AND men. Your friendly Pharmer determined that none of her kids would go to the IVY league, (Parents, don’t pay for that!) and am sending them to institutions which are not so screamingly leftist. Her kids have been  prepared for encounters with “the other side”, and its  general  intolerance of conservatism.

What’s interesting is that people are ‘going off’ on this Catholic group as extremist, but would not castigate the Amish (one of the fastest growing religious sects in the U.S.) for an even more contrarian view toward higher education.
Proverbs 17-12NLT‘s last point is a huge, and it applies big time to women who gravitate towards the non-math oriented fields, which drive them into lower paying jobs, and inability to pay the ginormous college debt.

Think of Raylan Alleman as turning a little bit Amish as you read through his  list of why parents should not send their daughters to college.  It might help with tolerance of another family oriented culture, the conservative Catholics.  There is quite a bit of practicality in the list from the standpoint of those who would naturally want to live a conservative or family based lifestyle.  He finds college education to be forming a kind of prison for women, because the time and money investment of it will drive the parents who fund the education to limit their family size, and the women themselves to do the same, or skip having a family altogether.  Alleman’s number one reason “She will attract the wrong types of men.”  He’s talking about lazy drones.   Pharmer has listened to the tales of working women and their marriages for years.  Nurses, those compassionate types, who want to help and heal the sick, seem often to suffer from marrying “Mr. Wrong”, a guy who contributes little to the family life, and thinks that his wife should work hard at a job, come home and take care of him full time also.    Alleman states that women wish to build a family might  think more deeply about what kind of man they will marry.

Women with a practical mind might want to balance their future desires  by educating themselves in the construction skills of domestic life, as well as a lower cost, technical education that can  bring needed income.   Domestic engineers (formerly called housewives)  are constantly making, building, and fixing things, as well as people.   It is highly skilled labor, and that’s what is currently in precariously short supply in our industrialized world.

Your friendly Pharmer supports women’s freedom to ignore the expectations of feminazis, and choose to major in the field of domestic engineering.

Pope Francis is a Nurse Type

The Pope has gone viral again for embracing and praying with a guy whose neurofibromatosis condition has given him a pretty gnarly appearance.

Yep, the Pope is a nurse type.  Not a pharmacist.  No touchie phobia at all.  😉  

Hopefully that guy obtained good emotional benefit from the extra love he received from the Pope in St. Peter’s square.

Your friendly Pharmer thinks that Pope Francis is reminding us not to kill people because they are sick.  Anyone listening???  Obama???  Zeke Emanuel?  Peter Singer?  Democrats?? Social engineers???? hellooooooooo


Georgetown University Course Teaches Students How to Promote O-bortion

Catholic University To Teach Students How To Promote, Protect Obamacare-Covered Abortions.

Abortion proponent, Kelli Garcia, senior council at the National Women’s Law Center will be teaching a course at Georgetown University called Regulatory Advocacy: Women and the Affordable Care Act.  Students will be called on to develop projects with Garcia’s organization and assist with its [abortion] advocacy efforts.  The law center has supported insurance coverage for abortions as a part of the HHS mandate of Obamacare.

Garcia is a big supporter of planned parenthood, and has decried the institutions which refused birth control coverage as discriminatory to women.

Catholic Churches Press for Amnesty, Side with Pro-Abortion Politicians

Catholic Churches Press for Amnesty, Side with Pro-Abortion Politicians.

The American Catholic Church has been shooting itself in the foot for years, and shows no signs of holding back on this now.

Dr. Susan Berry tells us about ‘Justice for Immigrants’, which runs the USCCB campaign to replace American workers with illegal immigrant workers who are not eligible for Obamacare.  That organization is working hard to recruit Catholic support for the very same Democrat politicians who are restricting freedom of religion for adherents to the faith.  They’re also supporting corporate interests to obtain a cheaper labor force, leaving American workers out in the cold.

Not all of the parishes are so gung-ho to cooperate with this effort, and you should be grateful if this is the case.   Those in parishes which have decided to assist in replacing the American work force, and who are working with the death-culture-Dems, might wish to divert their regular contributions to the collection basket.  Look up Pregnancy Care Centers, or Crisis Pregnancy centers.   There are many better uses for your money than supporting those who have abandoned you and your religion.

Cardinal Raymond Burke: Deny Communion to Pelosi

Cardinal Raymond Burke, as prefect of the Supreme Tribunal of the Apostolic Signatura in the Vatican, says that the time has come for Nancy Pelosi to be denied communion.  She has been publicly flouting Catholic teaching, and ignoring all requests to cease and desist promoting and supporting such Obamanations as Abortion and same sex marriage.  Apparently Cardinal Burke, now ensconced in a lofty perch in Rome,  has had enough.

Archbishop Donald Wuerl of Washington DC, still loves him some Nancy P.,  and has said that he will not stop giving Communion to her.   One wonders if he answers at all to the authorities in the Vatican.

NewsMax, which exhibits a greater than usual interest in things Catholic, has more if you click HERE. 

Before you read the inanity from Archbishop Wuerl, that the Church does not use Communion as a weapon, consider this:  Excommunication is not revenge or punishment.  It is an urgent call from the Church to cease a severely sinful practice or lifestyle.  It is, metaphorically speaking, for the purpose of preventing humans  from being flushed down the cosmic toilet, into an eternal sewer…… far worse than the dredges of the Potomac. Catholic Church Plans Massive Push for Amnesty

Catholic Church Plans Massive Push for Amnesty.

Per Mike Flynn at Breitbart, there’s  more avid interest among the US Catholic Bishops in favor of  the current amnesty legislation than their ever was for protecting our religious freedom not to participate in abortion.   He forcasts a push during September 8 Masses to encourage Catholics to support Amnesty legislation, and to push Catholic legislators to support the bill.

Your friendly Pharmer is in favor of increasing and simplifying legal immigration, but not the current proposal of rewarding people who break the law. The U.S. needs a strong and ambitious work force, so it should bring in plenty of immigrants (and let the lefties emigrate to the socialist utopia of their choice).

If Pharmer hears a sermon touting the current legislation, which unfairly dumps on those who stand in line – waiting to immigrate, by letting the lawbreakers in first, the church contributions will be diverted to other charities.

Only One More Step to Forced Abortion in U.S.A.

We can blame  the religious leaders (for one example, the USCCB)  who  supported the leftist  plan to make us into a socialist state.  We are only one step away from forced abortion in the United States.   That’s right…… only one step away from being just like China.

The CBO has announced that if we pass Trent Franks’ bill H.R. 1797 restricting late term abortions  it could add $ 400 billion  to the federal deficit.   Philip Hodges at Godfather politics points out that this might be the first time that the politicians ever cared about the deficit, now that it can be used to push abortion.

Why?   The Congressional Budget office  projects  that a good portion of the kids that we allow to live will need medicaid for the costs of their birth, and then more welfare benefits for the rest of their lives.    This was brought to you by the “compassionate” religious leaders who wanted to outsource charity to the government until most of the population became dependent on it.

The last step towards forcing women to kill their babies is to make the health care professionals do it.   Once participation in abortion is required for health care practice,  (and we’re already on our way in a number of states),  it will be easy for the government to coerce women to kill their babies.

Senate Approves Amnesty

Seeing the support for Amnesty eroding among the republicans,  Harry Reid rammed the bill, (largely unread, packed with pork, and a provision for Napolitano to refuse to build a border fence), through the senate in a big hurry.   It passed with only 32 votes opposing.

The amnesty bill has many qualities similar to Obamacare, which will serve to foster poverty and dependency.   Since the recipients of amnesty will not be eligible for obamacare, they will be hired preferentially to U.S. citizens, who cost more to employ due to the health care obligations for employers.

Naturally the largest political donors and corporations favored this bill, as a means to cut employment costs, and  survive in the downward spiraling economy.

The U.S. Catholic Bishops have invested millions in campaigning for amnesty,  otherwise called immigration reform.   This has been a secondary cause for many of the more aware Catholics to stop their donations, behind their support of Obamacare.   Unfortunately less than a third of Catholics are aware how tied up the bishops are into this political effort.

While Mexican illegal immigrants are the primary front group pushed forward to obtain sympathy for the bill,  it will affect illegal immigrants from all parts of the world.    It will be easier for us to import and grant benefits to such as the Tsunaev brothers and their pressure cooker bombs.

Taking Mexico as an example,   15% or more of that country’s workforce is in the U.S. and  it provides revenue back to the Mexican Government  second only to their oil industry.    The Mexicans themselves realize that exporting their most ambitious people and obtaining revenue in this way suppresses the development of their own economy. 

The U.S. corporate interests, as well as all other amnesty supporters have actively chosen the path of utilizing Mexico to bolster the United States permanent underclass, rather than to encourage and assist Mexico’s own economic development.

The crony corporatists believe that first  generation immigrants tend to comprise the most ambitious and hard working people, and that their progeny tend to relax and lose the work ethic under the umbrella of U.S. government aid.  Therefore  a cynical program in place to provide birth control and abortions at the locations where the immigrants are most numerous.    This has resulted in Hispanics aborting at nearly three times the rate of  Whites.  It’s the same methodology of “voter stock” control which has been applied to Black Americans.   Those who find it hard to believe that our government holds Mexicans in as low regard as it holds Blacks should recall the Eric Holder, Fast and Furious, gun running program which caused the deaths of 300 plus Mexican citizens.   These killings were not considered a crime worthy of national attention and punishment for the offenders.

It is astonishing  that any religious groups  would provide funding to assist with this cycle of injustice.   It is also astonishing that Marco Rubio  went along with this, though we have come to expect such stupidity from certain other republicans.   It is suspected that he was groomed as the face of Amnesty in order to kill his presidential political prospects.   Although there is a good chance to stop this particular amnesty bill in the Congress,  the leftists have succeeded in wiping out a future Republican presidential prospect.

Does the Church have a Nathan to Stand Up to the Ruling Class?

Pelosi abortion sacred ground
Nancy Pelosi on Trent Frank’s Pain Capable Unborn Child Act. 6-13-13

Crazy Nancy Pelosi has been at it again.  Her latest abominations are  designating abortion and infanticide decisions as sacred ground, and citing her Catholic faith to justify her support of these genocidal practices.  (Watch video HERE.)

The first reading from the Bible at Sunday Mass was 2 Samuel 12:7-10, 13 in which the prophet, Nathan, got in King David’s face about his sinful ingratitude for God’s blessings on him.  David had arranged for the death of one of his generals, Uriah, so that he could take the man’s wife, Bathsheba.

This got your friendly Pharmer thinking about the tremendous vacuum in the leadership of the church regarding the horrid moral performance of our current ruling class.  Nathan was surely risking his head when he addressed King David in this manner”  “Why have you despised the word of the LORD, to do what is evil in his sight? You have smitten Uri’ah the Hittite with the sword, and have taken his wife to be your wife, and have slain him with the sword of the Ammonites.”

Nathan admonishes King David

Is there a Nathan among the church leadership  who is willing  to get up in Pelosi’s face concerning her latest statement about her sacrament of abortion, and using her supposed Catholic background to justify it?  We know that the strong arm of the IRS, with a projected  force of 16,000 new employees, and its AR-15  training program, is daunting.

We do have some courageous pastors, of various denominations, who have directly addressed the transgressions of Nancy Pelosi and  our government, but among the bulk of  Church leadership, the silence has been deafening.

Update:   Fr. Frank Pavone has sent Pelosi a letter  castigating her for referencing her so-called Catholic faith while defending late term abortion  (which, as practiced in the U.S., includes infanticide).

Part of What’s Wrong with New York is that the Catholic Archdiocese Pays for Birth Control

As U.S. Catholics realize,  their bishops forgot about the birth control and abortion issues for a long time.  The instructional vacuum has hastened the social decline of the U.S.  About halfway through the last decade, under pressure from the Vatican, the bishops started notice that the richest nation in the world also had one of the highest abortion rates.  Another kick an the pants has jolted them to start paying attention to their birth control problem, which contributes to their abortion problem.

The New York Times noted yesterday that NYC’s Archdiocese, had been paying for birth control beginning prior to the time that  the man-who-could-not-be-Pope  took leadership.

We note that NYC also has an abortion rate higher than the rest of the U.S., and rivaling that of China and Russia.  New York City’s own media calls it the “Abortion Capital of America”.