From The Leftgurl Voter Base Comes UK’s Version of Sandra Fluke

This product of apparent parental neglect, Josie Cunningham, complete with NHS provided silicone prosthetics, is advertising her impending abortion, at 18+ weeks, because she does not want a this baby to spoil her chances to be on the “Big Brother” unreality show.

Just a couple weeks ago she was tweeting about being able to get free dental work from the NHS because she’s preggers.  Now she says she’s aborting, as much for her two sons, as for her personal career ambitions.
The Mirror has some choice quotes from Josie, bound to elicit responses from their readership:
–“Channel 5 were keen to shortlist me then they found out I was pregnant.Then they suddenly turned cold. That was when I started considering an abortion. After the operation I will be going back to them and asking if they will still consider me.”
–“I want to be famous for being me – Josie Cunningham, a glamour model and celebrity in my own right. If I want to do that I need to put my career first.“I want the attention to be on me, not on who fathered my child.”
–“I’ve had five miscarriages so the one good thing about the pregnancy is that it has shown me I can still carry beyond 12 weeks.

The Mirror features  a video clip of Josie which provides enough discussion of the issue to allow one to believe that the crazy quotes above could be real.  Appended to the article  is a survey, asking if their readers would boycott Josie Cunningham if she appeared on Big Brother after her abortion.

This is Devolution. We have our work cut out for us.

Michael Bloomberg: Thinks He Could Tell God What to Do

Michael Bloomberg: ‘I Have Earned My Place in Heaven’ | The Weekly Standard.

Crazy former NYC mayor Michael Bloomberg is contemplating his afterlife: “Pointing to his work on gun safety, obesity and smoking cessation, he said with a grin: “I am telling you if there is a God, when I get to heaven I’m not stopping to be interviewed. I am heading straight in. I have earned my place in heaven. It’s not even close.””  -the Weekly Standard.

Yes, Bloomberg possibly thinks his avid support of abortion as well as birth control for underage kids has prepared him a place of honor in heaven.

His religion is very different….

Stupid Educator Trick: Western Washington U Striving to Become Less White

University calls the amount of white people on campus a ‘failure,’ asks for ideas on how to have fewer.

Races of people gradually ‘melt together’ and become Brown, whenever they mix in the same locale.  The race batting lefties have  bent over backwards to halt this natural process.

Racism and bigotry is on the rise as the left pursues its agenda to divide and conquer America.  The latest example comes from Western Washington University, where its President, Bruce Shepard, Stupid Educator Trick personified, is pushing to make the university less White.

The problem always has been how to keep minorities in the college system after freshman year.  More minority students  have trouble with being raised up, and attending  school in ‘war zones’, and missing out on the educational material necessary to succeed in college.

The usual stupid educator tricks involve closing the best urban schools (as Obama did in Washington DC), giving affirmative action admissions to minorities in college, and dumbing down the curriculum to make up for declining quality of early education. The latter two jobs being eagerly pursued at Western Washington University, which is openly looking for more ways to make the school “less white”.  It’s a recipe for American failure, just as the lefties intended.

Universities would have naturally become less White, without any affirmative action or dumbing down of curriculum, had the left not had such strong programs of 1) encouraging people not to work for a living, and 2) aborting minority babies at rates so much higher than whites.

Can we name a single human endeavor that the lefties have not screwed up?

Mozilla Taking Backlash for Firing Brendan Eich

Mozilla, the company which brought us the open source browser, Firefox, Thunderbird mail client has really stepped in it.  It seems that their co-founder Brendan Eich, (also the inventor of Java), has become persona-non-grata, for his politically incorrect views.

Eich has recently been made CEO.  Then someone discovered that he had given a thousand bucks in support of California’s proposition 8, a law supporting traditional marriage, way back in 2008.   This made him anathema to the Gaystapo and other totalitarian leftists, and demands were made for Mozilla to fire him.

Naturally Mozilla folded, and forced Eich to resign.  Since then, thousands of people have been writing and petitioning Mozilla over this issue.  Some say that the company is experiencing it’s own “Duck Dynasty” disaster.  Remember what happened to A&E after they tangled with Phil Robertson?  Below is what the Mozilla Firefox feedback page looked like this morning (April 7th).  It seems that more than 90 percent of respondents are Unhappy with Mozilla for dumping Brandon Eich over his past support of traditional marriage.

Mozilla having a Duck Dynasty Experience, after dumping Brendan Eich
Mozilla having a Duck Dynasty Experience, after dumping Brendan Eich

Some note that way back in 2008, when Eich made his contribution, Barack Hussein Obama claimed to hold the same view about traditional marriage. No one is asking for Obama to resign.

You can drop a message on the Firefox input page, to let the Mozilla people know how you feel. has a petition page relevant to this issue, where you can give Mozilla a piece of your mind.  Pharmer is now using Opera, a browser created by a Norwegian company, to put this post onto the blog, and is fixing to remove Firefox and the Thunderbird programs from all the network computers.


War on Women: Alan Grayson’s Wife has Had Enough

There’s some soap opera drama surfacing in the life of Alan Grayson, leftie wildman of Florida, known for his outrageous attacks on his political opposition.

He had unleashed such an amazing ad against 2010 opponent Daniel Webster that yours truly had thought it could backfire, and it did.

That ad inspired the hilarious parody available HERE.

Could it beeeeee SATAN??!
Could it beeeeee SATAN??!

Unfortunately in 2012, Grayson ran after a district was redrawn for him, and returned to congress.

On to the soap opera. Grayson’t wife Lolita has filed for divorce, say the folks at Hot Air.  Most recently, a judge has granted a temporary protective injunction against crazy Grayson, in response to paperwork from Lolita, alleging injuries sustained after being shoved against a door by her soon to be ex-husband. She has submitted photos showing bruises to her leg and shoulder, and alleges that from time to time Grayson has battered her and the kids.  She states that Grayson has told her (in front of the children) that she would receive nothing in the divorce and would be left in the gutter.
There are more recent tweets from the relieved Grayson staff indicating that domestic violence charges have been dropped, today.

Lolita Grayson wouldn’t be receiving any support from her feminist sisters.   Domestic violence and general crazy behavior has always been OK with them as long as the perp supports abortion.

UPDATE:  It appears that Grayson’s 18 year old daughter, Skye, supported her father in this case, claiming that her mother started the altercation.  Skye is the same one arrested in November of 2013, for battering her mother, and pulling out the phone cord when she dialed 911.

Dylan Farrow Rips Hollywood for Honoring her Abuser

The last visual memory your friendly Pharmer has of anything that Woody Allen did is from more than 25 years ago, and the title is forgotten.  Later stuff from him was avoided, due to hearing that he was a pervert, having sex with “step-kids”.

His younger adopted daughter, Dylan Farrow has had enough of Woody being honored and celebrated in Hollywood.  She’s written an open letter detailing some of the abuse and addressing how it feels to see her abuser held in such high esteem by the entertainment industry.

Read Dylan’s letter HERE. 

Pharmer expects the left to continue celebrating the lives and times of their rapists, perverts, and pedophiles.

The personal boycott of Woody Allen products will continue.   Why pay to be made sick?

UPDATE: 2/7/14  Maureen Orth gives “facts” about the case in Vanity Fair.

Related – results of the custody hearing when Mia Farrow Split with Woody Allen.

Computers Will Soon Surpass Leftists

Neural network styles of computing have enabled the design of computers which can mimic the abilities of the brain, though none are approaching the efficiency of said organ in a normal human.

On the near horizon are computers which can learn from their own mistakes.  Commercial versions of such types of computer chips are set for release in 2014. What this means is that this coming year, computers will surpass the minds of leftists.  Quite a bit more work will be required to bring the functioning of computers to the level of normally functioning humans, with the ability to from experience  to bypass, circumvent or otherwise avoid errors.

In the  future is the possibility of making the “crash”  (Obamacare, for example) completely obsolete, as computers are created with the ability to learn to adapt and compensate for malfunctions.

Judge Cites Same-Sex Marriage in Declaring Polygamy Ban Unconstitutional

Judge Cites Same-Sex Marriage in Declaring Polygamy Ban Unconstitutional.

We all knew it would happen.  If the courts invented a right to Homosexual marriage, then the practice of Polygamy would soon be decriminalized, then declared a right.  U.S. District  Judge Clark Waddoups got it done in Utah.  As a condition for statehood in 1896, Utah had to make polygamy illegal.  That law has now been overturned, on the basis that if same sex marriage is protected, then so is any other kind.
The lawsuit in question was designed by Jonathan Turley of George Washington University, which sought to first decriminalize polygamy, then obtain state recognition for this. Turley’s idea of polygamy includes polygyny, polyandry and polyamory, a big group lovefest.
There will be more fireworks as the government forces the churches to recognize these kinds arrangements.  Next there will be marriages to animals and inanimate objects.

Liberals Sexing Blindly

The latest Leftie study might have been perfect for the Journal of Irreproducible Results, but it’s no joke to the researchers.  They’re worried about the adverse consequences of men’s gaze upon the forms of attractive females.  Naturally, the liberals are wanting to ban this activity, which is regarded as the “objectifying gaze”.   Likely the damaging result is not so much for those being gazed at, but for those who are mad about being ignored. Patrick Howley at the Daily Caller is not about to surrender to the left, or give up his naturally motivated and  happy sport of ogling the ladies.  He has concluded that the lefties are losers who “will fall by the wayside”, and the more hormonally vigorous “conservatives will own the future”.
Rush Limbaugh discussed the nanny state, and the liberals who want to control every single facet of our lives, from what we drink to whether we get health care, and even what our thoughts are, while our eyeballs are at play.  Naturally the big guy on the right lent gravitas to the topic, and the DNC thinks that he armed them with a fundraiser when he addressed the “war on gazing”.  Remarking on the proposed censuring of male’s eyes wandering in the direction of female breasts, he proposed a possible line that men could use in self defense if a woman objects to his gaze:  “I’m sorry.  Would you please ask your breasts to stop staring at my eyes?”

Pharmer notes that there is a double standard among the lefties regarding the war on women.   It is not acceptable for conservatives to gaze at women.  They’re too much more likely to have long term reproductive success. The OBJECTIFYING gaze is only acceptable if done by men e.g. Clinton and Obama, who will support abortion and pay for it with YOUR money. It’s OK for those kinds of guys to go a lot further than Gazing. The leftie women are just THAT thrilled to have guaranteed free birth control and abortions.

clinton stimulus
leftgurls loved Clinton stimulus 

But the weirdest thing is  the lib concept of how the opposite sexes (or maybe even the same sexes)  should interact in the seeking, prelude  and sexual encounters.  NO PEEKING.  This might guarantee equal outcomes for the less physically attractive.  Perhaps the utopian sexual encounters will be group affairs, with all participants blindfolded,  and in orchestrated maneuvers reminiscent of a game of  musical chairs,  having sex with whatever warm body is in proximity. No lookie, no kissie, no touchie, except for what is sexual “necessity”.

Ladies, those libs plan to make existence equally joyless for all of us, and the men too.

Fix the Family: Reasons to NOT Send Your Daughter to College

Raylan Alleman at the Fix the Family website has gotten some press on The Blaze, stirring up quite a bit of controversy, over his negative view of college for women. Most are foaming at the mouth over the perceived sexism but a few have noted that Alleman has a point, when he calls College for girls a “near occasion of sin”.

Possibly the concise list of concerns provided by Proverbs 17-12NLT (commenting on The Blaze) are a driving force of this Catholic group’s negative view of college. See below:

What College Teaches- By Proverbs17-12NLT, commenter on The Blaze
What College Teaches- By Proverbs17-12NLT, commenter on The Blaze

Most of the schools are a negative overall influence on women AND men. Your friendly Pharmer determined that none of her kids would go to the IVY league, (Parents, don’t pay for that!) and am sending them to institutions which are not so screamingly leftist. Her kids have been  prepared for encounters with “the other side”, and its  general  intolerance of conservatism.

What’s interesting is that people are ‘going off’ on this Catholic group as extremist, but would not castigate the Amish (one of the fastest growing religious sects in the U.S.) for an even more contrarian view toward higher education.
Proverbs 17-12NLT‘s last point is a huge, and it applies big time to women who gravitate towards the non-math oriented fields, which drive them into lower paying jobs, and inability to pay the ginormous college debt.

Think of Raylan Alleman as turning a little bit Amish as you read through his  list of why parents should not send their daughters to college.  It might help with tolerance of another family oriented culture, the conservative Catholics.  There is quite a bit of practicality in the list from the standpoint of those who would naturally want to live a conservative or family based lifestyle.  He finds college education to be forming a kind of prison for women, because the time and money investment of it will drive the parents who fund the education to limit their family size, and the women themselves to do the same, or skip having a family altogether.  Alleman’s number one reason “She will attract the wrong types of men.”  He’s talking about lazy drones.   Pharmer has listened to the tales of working women and their marriages for years.  Nurses, those compassionate types, who want to help and heal the sick, seem often to suffer from marrying “Mr. Wrong”, a guy who contributes little to the family life, and thinks that his wife should work hard at a job, come home and take care of him full time also.    Alleman states that women wish to build a family might  think more deeply about what kind of man they will marry.

Women with a practical mind might want to balance their future desires  by educating themselves in the construction skills of domestic life, as well as a lower cost, technical education that can  bring needed income.   Domestic engineers (formerly called housewives)  are constantly making, building, and fixing things, as well as people.   It is highly skilled labor, and that’s what is currently in precariously short supply in our industrialized world.

Your friendly Pharmer supports women’s freedom to ignore the expectations of feminazis, and choose to major in the field of domestic engineering.