Obama’s War on Children Claims Life of 11 year old Guatamalan Child

The body of an 11 year old immigrant child, believed to be from Guatamala, was found in the brush near La Joya, TX.  The child is a more recent victim of the Obama administrations war on Children.  Evidence of Obama regime plans to bring immigrant children, (unaccompanied by adults) into the U.S. exists  on the Federal business opportunities website.  Job contracts to transport the anticipated influx of 65 thousand EXPECTED minor immigrants within the U.S. were OFFERED in JANUARY 2014 on the Federal Business Opportunities website.  The government has confirmed the authenticity of the document first noticed and presented at the conservative, Weazel Zippers website. 

The supposed immigrant crisis is no surprise to those who invited minor children to travel to the U.S. without adult family members to protect them.  Naturally, children are being abused, suffering injury, and dying along the way. That’s no big deal to Obama, the one and only politician to publicly defend the practice of infanticide on the floor of a legislative body (the Illinois Senate).   He’s been this way for a very long time.


What Cantor Defeat Means for American Citizens

Not much, says Rep. Luiz Gutierrez, (D-IL).  Obama can move forward with immigration amnesty without the help of congress.  He’s King.   Most Americans with part time jobs can forget about working full time in the near future and earning more than the bottom level health care, or owning a dwelling.  The crony investors who have the ear of Obama have decreed that they need cheaper labor, and so he will get it done, while at the same time securing a permanent underclass which will vote for big daddy government.

The current minority populations of American citizens are being screwed too, as they will have to compete for jobs with those for whom the employers don’t have to buy Obamacare.  American citizens cost more to employ, as a matter of law.

Al Sharpton, a big proponent of  immigration amnesty, is calling the Dave Brat victory over Cantor a threat to civil rights.  He long ago abandoned Black Americans as a demographic group in favor of open borders and what he calls “immigration rights”.  Possibly Black Americans, who wish to maintain or augment  their jobs and business, are ready to dump the Rev. Sharpton.   He’s doing them no good at all.

The stark reality remains, that the federal government has lured underage immigrants to travel to America, unaccompanied by an adult, with the promise of goodies from the government, subjecting them to all sorts of abuse along the way, and upon their arrival.   This realization, that the government actually advertises to lure illegal immigrants, is much of what propelled the underfunded David Brat to such a shocking victory over Eric Cantor.

Former White House Aide Dishes on Michelle / White House Defends

White House ex-aide: First Lady Michelle Obama has turned East Wing into ‘worst wing’ – NY Daily News.

Reid Cherlin has bailed from his job as an assistant press secretary and is making his bucks by dishing on work life with the Obamas.  He repeats what we’ve been hearing for years, that Michelle is not loving the constraints of First Lady-ism, and that this adversely affects those who service her day to day needs in the East wing of the White House.

A Michelle-administration spokesperson has defended her thusly: “From day one, the First Lady ambitiously set out to make a measurable impact on the lives of everyday American families. The First Lady is laser-focused on moving the needle wherever and whenever possible.”

Work has become  “moving the needle”.

Dear White House spokes-BOT:  please understand just how stupid this sounds to the people in this country who produce things, and perform useful services.  Please also understand that the rest of the world is laughing at the community organizers who think that “moving the needle” is a useful occupation.

Vladimir Putin has at least 3 more years of space in which to rebuild the Soviet Union, generated by the brain vacuum in Washington DC.

Obama Unveils “My Brother’s Keeper Initiative” to Derisive Laughter

Sorry, Barrie, this public display of social concern is not going to fly.   Too many people remember the sad tales of your Auntie Zeituni Onyango, Uncle Omar (Onyango Obama), and your very impoverished brother, George Hussein Obama in Nairobi, who petitioned  his ‘brother’ Dinesh D’Souza for help with medical expenses.

Barrie.. you since have sicced the IRS on D’Souza for letting that story out, and for his other criticisms of your hypocritical self.

Your latest  initiative to do something for Black American’s whose unemployment problem has skyrocketed under your administration, using everyone else’s money, is going to earn you more richly deserved disrespect .. DOUBLY so if it is as ineffective as your Obamacare program.

The problem is…….. we can’t decide who is more lame,  you, or the currently stupid Republican establishment, which is going along for the ride with you.

Read more:

Charles Hurt Slams the “My Brother’s Keeper” initiative at Breitbart.  

Income Inequality Grows Under Obama

The stock market has doubled in dollar value under Obama, with about 80 percent of that going to the top 10% of  income earners.  While Obama drones on about solving income inequality by stoking class envy against business owners, his cronies at the very top 1%  are raking in the dough. Last year they garnered another half trillion dollars, while the median income of American families dropped.  From 2009 to 2012, the top 1%of income earners snagged 95% of the total income gains.

Click HERE to watch the video and learn more.  Obama’s state of the union address, dealing with his desire to “fix” income inequality will seem all the more ridiculous after you see this.

Rich get Richer Under Obama
Rich get Richer Under Obama

Click SooperMexican explains that the expansion of income inequality seems to be a trend that occurs mainly under Democrat leadership in the White house.


Obama Says People Don’t Like Him Anymore Because He is Black


Obama has noticed his poll numbers going down and this is his response: “There’s no doubt that there’s some folks who just really dislike me because they don’t like the idea of a black president.”

The guy thinks that the people who voted for him  have changed their minds because they don’t like  his color anymore.

It wouldn’t have anything to do with the slumping economy, the record joblessness among Black Americans and the rest of them too, the burdens and planned malfunctions of Obamacare, the incompetent foreign policy, the NSA snooping, and the abnormal symbiosis with Planned Parenthood.

Noooooooooooo…. they don’t line his skin shade anymore!!!

Call a Waaaaaaaaaaambulance for Obama.

Obama Donor to Head IRS Tea Party Targeting Investigation

This is useful…….. The Obama-bots are investigating themselves.   It seems that the internal  investigation of IRS discrimination against conservative groups prior to and after the 2012 election is being headed up by an Obama Donor.  The following excerpt about this conflict of interest  comes from Breitbart.com.  Please pass it on, and don’t hold your breath waiting for IRS reforms….

“Rep. Issa noted that current and former IRS officials revealed Barbara Bosserman, a trial attorney within the IRS’s Civil Rights Commission, is leading the internal investigation.

Bosserman’s leadership raises all sorts of questions about the investigation’s fairness. Rep. Issa’s investigations revealed that she has been a loyal financial backer of the DNC since 2004 and has donated multiple times personally to President Obama’s two campaigns. Her personal donation total reaches $6,750 to both the party and President Obama.”

via Obama Donor to Head IRS Tea Party Targeting Investigation.

A Gift from Obama for Notre Dame

After inviting the new “messiah” to bless the graduating students, Notre is receiving the gift of golden rain from above as recompense for their hospitality, four and a half years ago.

While awaiting the final results of a judicial decision on the HHS mandate to pay for birth control / abortion / sterilization, a judge is making them choose between paying $100 per day fine per employee, or bending over in acquiescence to the government.

Notre Dame appears to be bending over.  

Expect worse “gifts” from the anti-messiah.   He’s not done with the U.S. yet.

Top Official in Obama birth mystery Killed in Plane Crash

Birther delight  click for larger view
Birther delight ..click for larger view

Top official in Obama birth mystery killed.

Loretta Fuddy is the State health Department director who waived long standing regulations to produce a copy of the long form birth certificate for Obama.

That’s the one, see above,  which was widely regarded as fake when the White House displayed it online.

Fuddy is one of nine aboard a Cessna Grand Caravan plan that ditched in the water during a flight to Honolulu.  All of the  other eight passengers were rescued.  She’s the only fatality.  She was flying on health dept. business, according to reports in Honolulu.  Her deputy director, Kieth Yamamoto survived the crash.

It seems that it is not good for the health to be involved in Obama’s personal business.