Media is Out of the Closet, and ‘Fact Checking’ is Fantasy

Is CBS News your trusted news source? Pharmer sees no reason to obtain information from any mainstream television source. John Dickerson is called Slate’s chief political correspondent, but he is also the Political Director at CBS News. He’s been caught telling us just how he feels about the Republican party.

Dickerson thinks that Obama needs to destroy the republican party in order to prevail.  This is in keeping with his old habit, dating back to Illinois politics,  of eliminating, rather than beating political opponents.

Dickerson says that Obama needs to “pulverize”. If he wants to transform American politics, he needs to go for the throat”. 

Do you see a reason why the republicans should be striving for approval from CBS or any of the other alphabet networks??

John Nolte, at Breitbart thinks that the media, having come out so blatantly as sycophants of Obama, will wear out their welcome into the televisions and computers of the American public, and eventually go belly up.

On to the FUN story of the week.  Politifact has mud on its face slung by Reuters announcement that Fiat, which bought Chrysler will be making a hundred thousand Jeeps in China by 2014  They’ll be working with Guangzhou Auto Group to become big players in the auto industry.

What was the biggest lie of 2012 according to Politifact??  It was Romney’s campaign ad, which picked up early on this news and ran with it.   Politifact refuted the ad as a lie, and  blamed the story on a conservative blogger.

The Romney ad claim, which Politifact  called the biggest lie of the year, is actually the  literal TRUTH!