Politically Motivated Attack in Norway: Moral Relativism Breeds This

Terrorist proclaimed himself ‘Darwinian,’ not ‘Christian’.

Anders Behring Breivik is a moral relativist, European style, but certainly cannot be branded as a madman.   One thing is certain,  Christianity didn’t make him do it.

Breivik has, with his attacks, achieved widespread distribution of his 1500 page book, which explains his underlying ideology, as well as teaching some of his methodology.

He has also demonstrated what a secular education in moral relativism can achieve for a society.

Breivik points out that one  does not have to be a true  Christian believer to prefer that cultural tradition over Islam.  From a European standpoint, Christianity has allowed  a much more permissive social system than Islam allows.

The European politicians, having welcomed the Muslim influence as a contrast to their own religious vacuum, now have many reasons to be fearful.

Breivik’s  attack was a politically motivated effort against the Labor Party, which he blames for admitting the predominating Muslim influence into his country.

Perhaps America’s leftists can ponder whether they would like the peaceful and orderly methodology of the TEA PARTY, or would they prefer what is going on in Europe these days?

Extra Note:  on the efforts to alter Anders Behring Breivik’s  original facebook profile,  so that people can understand his actual lack of religious affiliation, should they not have the energy to read from his book.

Here’s a screenshot of  the Anders Behring Breivik Facebook profile which was up before the various new Hacks with the fake religious attributions.