Problems for the Republican National Commitee?

Maybe the RNC should read this. One leftie theory is that Pharmer is not the only one who left the republican party in 2012. If things were anywhere near the way they had gone in the past, a double digit lead among independents, with the first digit being usually a 2, would have made Romney the winner. Understand that the leftie media does not want to recognize that the tea party exists, so they will continue to use the term “independents” to describe them.

“State polls showed Romney winning big among independents. Historically, any candidate polling that well among independents wins. But as it turned out, many of those independents were former Republicans who now self-identify as independents. The state polls weren’t oversampling Democrats and undersampling Republicans – there just weren’t as many Republicans this time because they were calling themselves independents.”

via Adviser: Romney
"shellshocked" by loss – CBS News

As is apparent, Romney fell shy of McCain’s vote number by about 3 million, and Obama missed his 2008 mark by 10 million.
Who stayed home? Pharmer will watch for the number crunchers to churn out their results and guesses. She’s already aware that some were so angry at the republicans for choosing another moderate that they refused to participate in the presidential election.
The storms probably bit into Obama’s numbers since they affected blue states, which are ill prepared for such eventualities. This of course would not affect their electoral outcome.

Wild Bill is calling the Church People and Tea Partiers to action. Pharmer likes his utterly blunt style.