Rob Portman: Plastic Elastic Ethics

Suddenly something which is wrong becomes right if you think it might make your kid happy.

Rob Portman has reversed himself on the issue of gay marriage because his son has come out as gay.  This had been in the background as a possible reason that Mitt Romney did not choose Portman as vice presidential candidate.

More likely, Romney felt that he had no prayer unless he threw a bone to the Tea Partiers by choosing a more conservative person to run with him.

Rob Portman’s reversal has more to do with the politician’s instinct to appease, compromise and get along.   Certainly it will not do his son any good.    Kids don’t really need their parents to shift and change with whatever new lifestyle the kids choose to take on.  The kids would benefit more from knowing that parents have firm and strong moral beliefs that don’t change with the latest behavioral eruption, and that the love from their parents is constant, despite the disagreements.    Love and agreement are not the same thing.

Portman reveals himself to be just another person who doesn’t know that marriage is a social structure for the purpose of protecting  children.  We could perhaps help him by reminding him of how babies are made, in case he forgot.  Or we could  point him to Homovox,  or to David Mainwaring so that he could understand governmental manipulation, and social problems that accompany the push for gay marriage.