Sioux Chief Plumbing Company Wins Victory Against HHS Mandate

Alliance Defending Freedom has succeeded in winning an injunction for  Sioux Chief Plumbing Company against the Obama HHS mandate.  This brings to 12 the number of victories for businesses and institutions which have brought suit on first amendment grounds against the Obama administration violations of the First Amendment.

Kathleen Sebelius administers this mandate, which forces businesses to pay for abortions, birth control and sterilizations, regardless of their religious beliefs.  The Obama administration holds that anyone who operates a secular business is not permitted to exercise their religious beliefs in their daily lives and their work.

Generally a court will grant an injunction against a law or government regulation when there is good likelihood that there will be a final ruling against the law.

Alliance Defending Freedom is handling eight additional lawsuits against Obama’s Abortifacient HHS mandate.

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