Obama Administration is Committed to Making His Sequester as Painful As Possible

The Sequester is not really a cut in spending at all, but a reduction in the projected increase.  The spending in 2013 will still be larger than 2012.  However Obama promised a lot of pain to be associated with the sequester, and it would appear that federal officials are being ordered to make this happen.

And example comes from an internal email exchange by an Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service official, Charles Brown.  He asked if he could spread whatever cuts might affect his region to make them as painless as possible.  The answer was that he was not to do anything to lessen the impact on fish inspections,  so that the effects  would be as dire as Obama warned Congress they would be.  Cuts in his area are to eliminate aid to prevent wildlife damage  to the aquaculture industry in 24 states.

In other words,  we have direct evidence that Obama is going to make  HIS sequester painful, and blame the whole idea on the Republicans.

Obama also has threatened that he  has an ability to target cuts, eliminating meat inspectors, for example, so as to reduce the available food supply.  He might not remember that his supporters will be punished most of all, as this cut would  affect the inner city “food deserts” more than the most rural areas.   (Pharmer recalls to mind  the increasingly severe cuts in DRUG supply which the nation has been experienced during Obama’s tenure.)

Since this APHIS email  came to light, the  USDA is walking back the implications of the report, saying that they will try to mitigate the effects of the sequester as much as possible.

The Washington Times also noted that the White house was facing questions on the 50 million dollar order for new TSA uniforms that it made just before the sequestration took effect.

Obama is also closing the White house to tours, and blaming this on the sequester.  Perhaps he fears blowback from  his obviously vengeful attitude towards Americans.   Inside the beltway, people are asking why Obama can’t keep the White house open, noting that President Lincoln was able to do so throughout the time of the Civil War.

Barrie Obama is no Abe Lincoln.