That Conscience Thing

Will Obama Force Coverage of Birth Control, Abortion Drugs? |

Oh YES, Obama is forcing coverage of birth control / abortion drugs, as well as surgical abortions.

We know this from his refusal to sign an amendment excusing conscientious objection to funding and participating in abortion.

There is a fake conscience clause, so narrow as to be useless, excusing some theoretical institutions from covering chemical and surgical abortions.  The Institute of Medicine  has called for Obama to force the coverage of birth control and abortion drugs. The Dept of Health and Human Services, run by Kathleen Sebelius, who never met an abortion she didn’t love, has excluded pro-life groups from her meetings, and has accepted this recommendation to require new insurance plans to cover these drugs.

Archbishop Timothy Dolan has met with Obama, and has either been hypnotized by the rhythmic swaying of Obama’s head back and forth as he reads, or is too afraid of THE ONE to openly tell religious health care providers and employers that they’re screwed.

Pro-life Catholics and other Christians need to understand what the Obama administration has done, and need to consider this in 2012.   It’s time to exercise that CONSCIENCE THING!