Mail Online: TSA inspector side, and how to dodge the groping and scanners.

Now ‘abused’ TSA staff vent their anger at security patdown searches | Mail Online.

TSA inspections are possibly designed to give people a preference or a longing for the scanners, which are more impersonal, and feel less invasive.

It’s appears to be possible to offend the TSA’s trained  gropers if  a person’s personal hygiene is sub standard, or if their  body size is larger and there are additional crevices to be searched.

Perhaps adding some things for these government workers to find as they search would be fun.   Make it a treasure hunt.  Remember the old haunted houses with peeled grapes used to simulate  eyeballs, and spaghetti prepared  to simulate brains?  Imagine the TSA agent reaching into your pants, and pulling  out a special deposit of tripe, purchased from the local Walmart grocery.  Menudo!

Be creative….. and give them a day to remember.  A little Saran wrap against your skin would be a good idea to isolate whatever treasures you might be hiding.  It might also  slightly impede the transmission of unwanted organisms carried by the passenger in front of you.  The gate rapists are not washing and changing gloves between searches as they should.

The article linked at the top, of course from foreign press, is a treasure trove of information.

Matt Kernan describes how he entered the U.S. from Paris without a body scan or pat down at the destination,  merely by politely resisting the attempts by security to do so.  After wearing down the TSA workers, their supervisors and the police, he was finally escorted out of the sterile area by a circuitous route, and allowed to proceed on his way.