Why Sex Stopped Being FUN, and became a Job and a Human Right

Arizona Birth Control Bill Allows Employers To Fire Women On The Pill Based On Religious Beliefs – International Business Times.

Above is a  touch stone,  a  headline from International Business Times, making  a false claim about Arizona legislation which would make employer coverage of employees’ birth control optional.

This AZ house bill 2625  allows employers to avoid covering recreational use of hormones for birth control based on their religious beliefs.  Women can still get coverage for medical need for indications other than birth control.  This bill does not  give permission to employers to fire employees for use of birth control pills. If the woman is obtaining her own pills, it would be a violation of HIPAA regs for the employer to have the info, and a violation of a bunch of other laws for the employer to fire for that reason. Nice try. The IB Times needs to surrender to the fact that the “war on women” ploy is not working. Birth control pills are just too cheap to merit such a whine-fest. Go back to that other loser “abortion”.
The headline  is an example of how completely unreliable the mainstream press is, as well as the ACLU and Huffington Post.

There are  many heated debates  over whether employers and insurance companies should pay for birth control pills when used to prevent or stop  reproduction.

One of the commenting individuals expressed offense that Pharmer  used the term recreational drug to describe birth control  drugs, and recreational  sex to describe the kind people have when they don’t want to make babies.  Specifically the idea was introduced that sex,  with the desire to avoid reproduction,  is NOT  recreational.   Pharmer thinks that when sex stops being fun, it is time to quit. 

Sex becomes a job  or a human right when people want others to pay for it!!!   It rises to the level of a religious freedom issue.   If a person has a belief that their sex is NOT fun, and it is a ritual activity that has become a JOB, then others should  respect it as a human right under the first amendment and pay for it, even if that  practice violates their own religion.    It’s Sandra Fluke all over again, and  despite  this admission from the Left  that sex is not fun anymore,  Rush Limbaugh  got in trouble for saying that it was a Job for Sandra.

Eureka!   The  pattern is elucidated:   Recreation stops being recreation, or becomes an offensive term when people start wanting to be PAID for what should be considered FUN!! They turn it into a job, a  ritual, or a human right!

It’s ‘welfare’ gone WILD!!!