Why You Should Not Trust Statistics Coming From Abortionists

It appears that abortions of babies diagnose with cleft lip/palate, are 10 times as common as the UK health department reports.

The British Department of Health gets its figures on the abortion of babies with congenital anomalies from forms that abortionists fill out at the time of the procedure.

Eurocat  (agency which monitors congenital abnormalies in 23 countries) tracks a foetus from the time that he or she has been identified with an abnormality, with the initial data coming from those who make the diagnosis.  The fate of the fetus is then connected with this data.

While the UK Dept of Health recorded 14 abortions due to cleft palate in that country from 2006-2010,  Eurocat logged 147 such events in the UK.

During the same period, Eurocat also caught 250 babies  aborted in the UK for club foot.  The UK dept of health stopped recording this figure as a separate category after 2002, when they only recorded 2 cases.

The Eurocat number of abortions for Down syndrome in 2010 was 886, compared to the Dept of Health number, 482.

Abortionists are said to avoid filling out the reason for abortions on the forms either to spare the mother’s feelings or to avoid backlash from controversy over eugenic killings.

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