Mary Elizabeth Adams: Standing UP for DE-volution

So what if abortion ends life? –

Salon writer, Mary Elizabeth Williams, tells us that she’s tired of pro-choicers looking stupid while defending abortion.  Most of the abortion defenders have developed some odd theories (even stranger than global warming) to explain why it’s OK to kill humans prior to birth, ‘ranging from it’s not alive‘ to’ it’s not a person‘.

Williams doesn’t want membership in the non-science crowd.  She freely admits that abortion involves killing a human.   She asserts that we make decisions about killing humans all the time, and therefore a human  fetus is also worth killing for various reasons.

The point that Williams is missing??  Peace and civilization begin at home.  If we won’t stand up for the lives of our very own people,  we certainly won’t grow outward to value and protect the lives of ‘strangers’.

For Williams,  life is just a commodity, and there might be good enough reasons to kill anyone.

Do you want this short fused woman to be living in the house next door?

Are you emotionally and spiritually  “prepped” for the DE-volution of civilization that the leftists are bringing to us?