The ACLU Finds Abortion To Be More Essential Than Open Heart Surgery

ACLU Tries to Force Abortions on Catholic Hospitals | Daily News |

This is why the ACLU has been trying to compel Catholic Hospitals to do Abortions,  but has made no move to compel  Any Hospitals  to do open heart procedures.

Many smaller hospitals have to outsource the most complex surgical procedures.    Innumerable human lives have been lost in rural and other remote locations because their needs could not be met at small hospitals or clinics.  But the ACLU has made no move to address this serious problem.  (In addition, the it  has stood behind an administration which seeks to reduce the availability of high tech,  lifesaving care in the entire country as a method of cost containment.)

Instead the ACLU has put forth a stipulation, without evidence, that cutting up a baby and sucking it out can sometimes be necessary to save a woman’s life, and submitted a demand to the Dept of Health and Human Services that abortion be provided by all hospitals as emergency care.

The ACLU’s demand  could close down a lot of emergency rooms, and precipitate  innumerable more deaths from lack of available care, but that is obviously NOT their concern.

Abortion  serves to conceal  abusive sexual practices.  This is what distinguishes abortion from essential services such as open heart or robotic surgery. This is the only possible reason that the ACLU could prioritize abortion so strenuously over other life saving procedures.