Obama’s War on Children Claims Life of 11 year old Guatamalan Child

The body of an 11 year old immigrant child, believed to be from Guatamala, was found in the brush near La Joya, TX.  The child is a more recent victim of the Obama administrations war on Children.  Evidence of Obama regime plans to bring immigrant children, (unaccompanied by adults) into the U.S. exists  on the Federal business opportunities website.  Job contracts to transport the anticipated influx of 65 thousand EXPECTED minor immigrants within the U.S. were OFFERED in JANUARY 2014 on the Federal Business Opportunities website.  The government has confirmed the authenticity of the document first noticed and presented at the conservative, Weazel Zippers website. 

The supposed immigrant crisis is no surprise to those who invited minor children to travel to the U.S. without adult family members to protect them.  Naturally, children are being abused, suffering injury, and dying along the way. That’s no big deal to Obama, the one and only politician to publicly defend the practice of infanticide on the floor of a legislative body (the Illinois Senate).   He’s been this way for a very long time.


Supremes: Obama Can’t Force Companies to Pay for Birth Control

Congratulations to Hobby Lobby and Conestoga Wood Specialties Corp, first for filing lawsuits to protect their religious freedom, and second for defeating the Obama Administration before the Supreme Court.

The courageous owners of these two companies objected to being forced to pay for forms of birth control which can have prominent interceptive (early abortive) mechanisms of action.  In a 5 to 4 decision, in which Justice Roberts and the conservatives upheld religious freedom, (and naturally the leftists did not), the two companies are excused from paying for birth control which people could most certainly provide for themselves by other means.  At issue were Plan B, Ella, and the indwelling coathangers otherwise known as IUDs.

This decision appears to be protective of closely held, for-profit corporations, but appears to  exclude non-profit entities such as Little Sisters of the Poor.

Naturally the idea of religious freedom for Christians is causing the lefties to curse, swear, and threaten lives and property of their ideological opponents.  Violence has always been integral to leftism.   Those people are anything but compassionate.

Why Hillary Will NOT be President

Ed Klein's Book, Blood Feud, Leaks Hillary Medical Info
Ed Klein’s Book, Blood Feud, Leaks Hillary Medical Info

Click the caption above for Drudge’s preview from Klein’s book, Blood Feud.   When that link is gone, use the link below.


The claim is that Hillary has a coagulopathy, which has been  causing clots in various places of her body, including the brain, exacerbated by long hours of air travel.   She is said to have had a stroke event precipitated by non compliance with her anticoagulant therapy.

Bill and Melinda Gates Claim they will Stop Funding Abortion

Melinda Gates has announced, on the website, Impatient Optimists, that the Gates Foundation will stop funding abortion.  Apparently she has found this funding to be a stumbling block to their overall efforts to tell  Brown women how many babies to have, and how to inject, implant or ingest synthetic hormones to this end.

She will, however push on with the Depo-Provera injections, which can help to super-size the women of third world countries, leading to a whole host of new health problems.  One wonders how much Melinda’s shots are contributing to the increased obesity rate in Mexico, and elsewhere.  It might not just be the soda.

Last but not least, Depo-Provera is not so efficient at stopping ovulation, and has a number of possible mechanisms of action, one of which is to cause failure of the human  embryo to implant.  The heavily funded buddies of the Gates Foundation at Planned Parenthood are pushing the IUD (indwelling coat hanger), Paragard, which also helps to flush out developing humans from the uterus.

We know for certain that the abortifacient funding habits of Bill and Melinda Gates are far from over.

Read more from Dr. Susan Berry at Breitbart.com, and see the statement by Melinda Gates HERE. 

What Cantor Defeat Means for American Citizens

Not much, says Rep. Luiz Gutierrez, (D-IL).  Obama can move forward with immigration amnesty without the help of congress.  He’s King.   Most Americans with part time jobs can forget about working full time in the near future and earning more than the bottom level health care, or owning a dwelling.  The crony investors who have the ear of Obama have decreed that they need cheaper labor, and so he will get it done, while at the same time securing a permanent underclass which will vote for big daddy government.

The current minority populations of American citizens are being screwed too, as they will have to compete for jobs with those for whom the employers don’t have to buy Obamacare.  American citizens cost more to employ, as a matter of law.

Al Sharpton, a big proponent of  immigration amnesty, is calling the Dave Brat victory over Cantor a threat to civil rights.  He long ago abandoned Black Americans as a demographic group in favor of open borders and what he calls “immigration rights”.  Possibly Black Americans, who wish to maintain or augment  their jobs and business, are ready to dump the Rev. Sharpton.   He’s doing them no good at all.

The stark reality remains, that the federal government has lured underage immigrants to travel to America, unaccompanied by an adult, with the promise of goodies from the government, subjecting them to all sorts of abuse along the way, and upon their arrival.   This realization, that the government actually advertises to lure illegal immigrants, is much of what propelled the underfunded David Brat to such a shocking victory over Eric Cantor.

Live Action: Planned Parenthood Exposed, Episode1

15 year old gets BDSM instruction at Planned Parenthood in Indianapolis
15 year old gets BDSM instruction at Planned Parenthood in Indianapolis

Live Action has put out the first video in its series, showing the type of sex advice which is given to a 15 year old female at Planned Parenthood,  Midtown Health Center, 3750 N. Meridian St., #100, Indianapolis, IN 46208.   Watch HERE for the condensed version and see the extended version HERE if your stomach can handle it.

Today is the #sexed tweetfest, so be sure to use that venue to pass the videos around in Twitter-space.

Eric Cantor, House Majority Leader Has Lost His Primary

Pharmer’s oldest kid was surfing on his phone last night, and announced that Eric Cantor had just lost his primary to Dave Brat, a Tea Party Backed Candidate, by a wide margin.  This is exciting news, since Cantor has been pushing unregulated immigration, (otherwise known as amnesty) for a long time, irritating the Americans who are struggling to make enough money to pay for their Obamacare.

Recently, the Obama administration has been advertising the joys of life on welfare on television and in the embassies of countries south of here.  This has resulted in an uptick of migration to the U.S., particularly by underage individuals.  Yes, this is another facet of Obama’s war on kids, this time subjecting illegal immigrant children to various and sundry abuses and atrocities as they travel northward to the land of milk and medicaid.  News of this in the conservative media did not help Rep. Cantor among the Republican base, and so he is OUT!

Ben Shapiro at Breitbart.com provides an analysis of the electoral consequences HERE.  Check it out.

Planned Parenthood Exposed (Again) by Live Action Films

Most often, perverts are not so easy to pick out of a crowd.  There’s  the recent case of the respectably employed EPA bureaucrat who spent 2-6 hrs daily watching porn at work, and was even paid a bonus for job performance.  There’s the Seattle anaesthesiologist who’s license has been suspended due to his alleged habits of sexting during surgical procedures, and use of  medical images for personal gratification.

Cecile Richards, CEO of Planned Parenthood dresses up fashionably and appears at high level political fundraisers, acting like a normal human.  But look at what her organization does.  The blood of innocents is just icing on the Planned Parenthood cake.  The organization relentlessly pushes a sex agenda which is designed to isolate children and teens from their families, and feed a need for their most lucrative abortion services.

Live Action Films is presenting a 2014 summer video series on the strategy and methods used by Planned Parenthood to market their services to the 66 percent remaining  children who survived their abortion mills.

Using Planned Parenthood’s preferred  twitter hashtag #sexed is one means to pass on this information to your fellow human beings.   Tweetfest is on June 11. Learn more HERE. 

Watch the video for a preview of what’s to come.  Bear in mind that this series will discuss some R and even X rated things, so viewer discretion is advised.

Planned Parenthood Exposed #SEXED
Planned Parenthood Exposed #SEXED

The Pill Kills

Hashtag #thepillkills is being pushed on Twitter today.

Sandra's "nutritional supplement"
Sandra’s “nutritional supplement”


WHAT!?  The pill kills?   Well…….. yes it does, for example, by causing strokes and other cardiovascular complications.  Also the pill sometimes can operate to stop the life of an early human embryo if it fails to stop fertilization.  In addition the hormones cause significant physiological alterations in the users themselves.  This blog is searchable for a fair amount of information on hormonal birth control, if you want to learn more.

One major important point……….. hormonal birth control has been a scam, being much less reliable in actual use than has been implied or stated by those who market the drugs.  With the increasing average size and weight of the target population, this problem is only going to become worse.

Consider the possibility of ditching the artificial hormones, and adopting a lifestyle adapted to the full  recognition that one can become pregnant by having sex.    What a novel idea!