Eric Cantor, House Majority Leader Has Lost His Primary

Pharmer’s oldest kid was surfing on his phone last night, and announced that Eric Cantor had just lost his primary to Dave Brat, a Tea Party Backed Candidate, by a wide margin.  This is exciting news, since Cantor has been pushing unregulated immigration, (otherwise known as amnesty) for a long time, irritating the Americans who are struggling to make enough money to pay for their Obamacare.

Recently, the Obama administration has been advertising the joys of life on welfare on television and in the embassies of countries south of here.  This has resulted in an uptick of migration to the U.S., particularly by underage individuals.  Yes, this is another facet of Obama’s war on kids, this time subjecting illegal immigrant children to various and sundry abuses and atrocities as they travel northward to the land of milk and medicaid.  News of this in the conservative media did not help Rep. Cantor among the Republican base, and so he is OUT!

Ben Shapiro at provides an analysis of the electoral consequences HERE.  Check it out.

Lefties Invent Race Controversy, Republicans Fall in Line

The leftists have invented a False Racial Controversy out of some comments made by Cliven Bundy, the famous Nevada Rancher. It’s totally bogus, but, just as expected, weak minded republicans are denouncing Bundy, because this is what the lefties tell them to do. We really need to get rid of these politicians, and unfortunately that seems to include Rand Paul.   It has now become racist to say that the stupid government policies are are screwing up the lives of various minority people.

Click THIS, or the pic to hear what Cliven Bundy really said: that for Blacks, living on government subsidies is no more freedom than when they were picking cotton down South, and is possibly worse, due to destruction of the family structure. He also gives some interesting comments on immigration.  Of course some buzz words are there, and no brainless acolyte of political correctness could pass through them to hear the real message. In addition, the destruction of family is high on the leftist agenda.

The lamestream media managed some editing, so that the Republicans would denounce Bundy as fast as Pavlov’s dogs salivated. They never fail to disappoint.

Cliven Bundy FAKE Racial Controversy
Cliven Bundy FAKE Racial Controversy

UPDATE:  Rip Curl at Truth Revolt has provided text and a bit of commentary on the media editing hack job of Cliven Bundy.  The NYT has acted similarly to  NBC, editing the 911 call by George Zimmerman, to smear him as a racist.  This is defamation.

From Breitbart Texas: 35 ‘Acts of Love’

35 ‘Acts of Love’.  <– Click to see a counterpoint to Jeb Bush’s thesis that immigrating illegally can be an act of love.

Some theorize that Jeb is saying things to  purposely disqualify himself from presidential candidacy.  Perhaps he knows how many of us would refuse to vote for him if he won the republican primary.

Reforming immigration should not reward those who break the law.  Instead it should streamline the process so that legal immigrants don’t have to pay for specialized legal advice in order  to comply with a byzantine legal labyrinth.  The U.S. would benefit from more legal immigrants who want to be Americans,  not lawbreakers.

Catholic Churches Press for Amnesty, Side with Pro-Abortion Politicians

Catholic Churches Press for Amnesty, Side with Pro-Abortion Politicians.

The American Catholic Church has been shooting itself in the foot for years, and shows no signs of holding back on this now.

Dr. Susan Berry tells us about ‘Justice for Immigrants’, which runs the USCCB campaign to replace American workers with illegal immigrant workers who are not eligible for Obamacare.  That organization is working hard to recruit Catholic support for the very same Democrat politicians who are restricting freedom of religion for adherents to the faith.  They’re also supporting corporate interests to obtain a cheaper labor force, leaving American workers out in the cold.

Not all of the parishes are so gung-ho to cooperate with this effort, and you should be grateful if this is the case.   Those in parishes which have decided to assist in replacing the American work force, and who are working with the death-culture-Dems, might wish to divert their regular contributions to the collection basket.  Look up Pregnancy Care Centers, or Crisis Pregnancy centers.   There are many better uses for your money than supporting those who have abandoned you and your religion.

The Nobel Peace Prize Winner Wants to Start a War with Syria

Obama wants to start a war with Syria, but is going to ask for Congressional approval so that it can be blamed on the Republicans.

You know that war is routinely started by Democrats and blamed on Republicans, and here we go again!!

Additionally, it appears that al Qaeda and the Muslim brotherhood will benefit from the planned intervention.  So if you want to call and write your representatives, now would be the time.  Don’t forget to mention defunding Obamacare and stopping the fake “immigration reform” while you’re at it. Catholic Church Plans Massive Push for Amnesty

Catholic Church Plans Massive Push for Amnesty.

Per Mike Flynn at Breitbart, there’s  more avid interest among the US Catholic Bishops in favor of  the current amnesty legislation than their ever was for protecting our religious freedom not to participate in abortion.   He forcasts a push during September 8 Masses to encourage Catholics to support Amnesty legislation, and to push Catholic legislators to support the bill.

Your friendly Pharmer is in favor of increasing and simplifying legal immigration, but not the current proposal of rewarding people who break the law. The U.S. needs a strong and ambitious work force, so it should bring in plenty of immigrants (and let the lefties emigrate to the socialist utopia of their choice).

If Pharmer hears a sermon touting the current legislation, which unfairly dumps on those who stand in line – waiting to immigrate, by letting the lawbreakers in first, the church contributions will be diverted to other charities.

Senate Approves Amnesty

Seeing the support for Amnesty eroding among the republicans,  Harry Reid rammed the bill, (largely unread, packed with pork, and a provision for Napolitano to refuse to build a border fence), through the senate in a big hurry.   It passed with only 32 votes opposing.

The amnesty bill has many qualities similar to Obamacare, which will serve to foster poverty and dependency.   Since the recipients of amnesty will not be eligible for obamacare, they will be hired preferentially to U.S. citizens, who cost more to employ due to the health care obligations for employers.

Naturally the largest political donors and corporations favored this bill, as a means to cut employment costs, and  survive in the downward spiraling economy.

The U.S. Catholic Bishops have invested millions in campaigning for amnesty,  otherwise called immigration reform.   This has been a secondary cause for many of the more aware Catholics to stop their donations, behind their support of Obamacare.   Unfortunately less than a third of Catholics are aware how tied up the bishops are into this political effort.

While Mexican illegal immigrants are the primary front group pushed forward to obtain sympathy for the bill,  it will affect illegal immigrants from all parts of the world.    It will be easier for us to import and grant benefits to such as the Tsunaev brothers and their pressure cooker bombs.

Taking Mexico as an example,   15% or more of that country’s workforce is in the U.S. and  it provides revenue back to the Mexican Government  second only to their oil industry.    The Mexicans themselves realize that exporting their most ambitious people and obtaining revenue in this way suppresses the development of their own economy. 

The U.S. corporate interests, as well as all other amnesty supporters have actively chosen the path of utilizing Mexico to bolster the United States permanent underclass, rather than to encourage and assist Mexico’s own economic development.

The crony corporatists believe that first  generation immigrants tend to comprise the most ambitious and hard working people, and that their progeny tend to relax and lose the work ethic under the umbrella of U.S. government aid.  Therefore  a cynical program in place to provide birth control and abortions at the locations where the immigrants are most numerous.    This has resulted in Hispanics aborting at nearly three times the rate of  Whites.  It’s the same methodology of “voter stock” control which has been applied to Black Americans.   Those who find it hard to believe that our government holds Mexicans in as low regard as it holds Blacks should recall the Eric Holder, Fast and Furious, gun running program which caused the deaths of 300 plus Mexican citizens.   These killings were not considered a crime worthy of national attention and punishment for the offenders.

It is astonishing  that any religious groups  would provide funding to assist with this cycle of injustice.   It is also astonishing that Marco Rubio  went along with this, though we have come to expect such stupidity from certain other republicans.   It is suspected that he was groomed as the face of Amnesty in order to kill his presidential political prospects.   Although there is a good chance to stop this particular amnesty bill in the Congress,  the leftists have succeeded in wiping out a future Republican presidential prospect.

Jeb Bush and the Fertile Immigrants

Your friendly Pharmer has been laughing  at Jeb Bush’s speech, extolling the social virtues of immigrants to the U.S., and citing statistics about the strength of their families and their FERTILITY, but even more amusement is obtained from those who would derive offense from his  artless expression of the facts.

If one compares  the total, natural born population of the U.S. to the total of the the imported population, there is little doubt that his claims about comparative fertility are true.  The U.S. is below replacement rate, and requires immigration to sustain its population.

That liberal idea of abortion on demand has cost us about 55 million Americans, and that does not count the losses due to earlier chemical abortions and artificial fertility reduction.  There is no doubt that those (conservative extremists) who don’t employ surgical and chemical birth control are making more babies.

Jeb Bush is interested in increasing the tax base of America.  He thinks it would be wonderful to have more money to spend, and sees immigration as a means to get it. Pharmer thinks he has a point, but is not seeing the whole picture.  If Jeb were really business minded, and interested in a fast tax base recovery, he’d be thinking of how to trade out the less fertile  leftie voter base, for the more fertile immigrants.  The conservative extremists plus [immigrants (minus criminals and terrorists)] could be amassed into one giant baby-making machine.  😉 😉

The real  problem with the Republican party, and its Jeb Bushes is that they aren’t serious about addressing the social and economic problems of the U.S. in any coherent or rational way.  They’re just casting about for temporary sources of new  income to keep themselves in power.    Jeb Bush doesn’t exhibit sufficient moral leadership to preserve the U.S.A. as a place where immigrants would come to seek freedom, pursue happiness, and build America and themselves up as successful examples  for  the rest of the world to imitate.

Foodstamps for Illegal Immigrants

The USDA is passing around a flyer which explains that (illegal) immigrants do not have to supply information on their immigration status in order to obtain food stamps.   Click on the link and see the document (collected by Judicial Watch) which contains that statement.

Usted no tiene que proporcionar informacion sobre su situacion migratoria al solicatar este beneficio para sus hijos.

The USDA actually has supplied the Mexican Embassy with this flyer.

The supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) which is overseen by the USDA, has been growing by leaps and bounds, now serving one out of five households in the U.S..

U.S. taxpayers will be happy to know that the government is spreading the wealth far and wide.


Peggy Noonan Warns Tea Party Away From ‘Rage’ In Political Style on CBS’ ‘Face The Nation’ | Video |

Sez Peggy:

“I think the Tea Party is going to have to look at itself,” Noonan said. “It’s been so helpful to the Republican Party in the past. It saved it by not going third party in 2010, helping the Republicans sweep the House. But the Tea Party style of rage is not one that wins over converts and makes people lean towards them and say, ‘I want to listen to you.’ I think a friendly persuasion has to begin now from the Republican Party to people of the United States.”

via Peggy Noonan Warns Tea Party Away From ‘Rage’ In Political Style on CBS’ ‘Face The Nation’ | Video |

So… Pharmer wrote back to Peggy:

Ms. Noonan,

With your latest comment on Tea Party “rage” you remain a bipedal argument for a third party.

The Tea Party began as the most orderly, well behaved protest movement in history.  It remains so today as a fastidiously law-abiding grass roots political movement, yet it is constantly dissed by the establishment republicans, who are more concerned with their own positions in Washington DC, than for the U.S. itself.

The rest of us are not insulated from the ill effects of the Obama administration. We can’t hide money offshore, or leave the country in case of disaster, as the sell-outs in Washington can.

Perhaps you’re upset that some of the more conscientious Tea Party members could not stomach another moderate, and quietly stayed home on Nov. 6th. I left the republican party after they threw Akin and Mourdock under the bus, though I did vote to remove Obama. Democrats don’t publicly eat their own as republicans do.

A third party will form when the republicans further turn themselves into democrats in order to pretend that they “care” for people. After the Chinese credit runs out, neither old party will be able to entice voters with government checks.

According to Gallup, immigration is NOT topmost on the list of issues for Hispanic voters. So having the republicans satisfy the democrat need for more voter base will not do any good.  Remember, Reagan tried it, and it didn’t help.

A government that actually “cared” for people would get out of the way and let them prosper.

Look for that third party that you’re helping to form.  Democrats seem to prevail with their rage, lawlessness and general trashy behavior. Maybe a little rage would help the Tea Party ;-).