It Took Years to Teach Some ABC Reporters When Human Life Begins

2010 Campaign: Muted Debate on Abortion, Gay Marriage and Stem Cell Research – ABC News.

After a few news cycles over years,  and a barrage of commentary on  the poorly educated reporters who did not understand primary school level biology,  World News Tonight mentioned fertilization processes when discussing the (early) abortion  issues.   It took huge effort to evoke a  glimmer of comprehension about this crux of the abortion controversy.

Now these reporters are  fooling themselves into thinking that the conservatives have dropped social issues while taking up economic issues.

Wrong as usual.  This time they’ll stay wrong til it’s no longer relevant.    This connection is just too complex for the average alphabet network -journalist to understand.

When we take up the issue of Obamacare, we are addressing the abortion, euthanasia and embryonic stem cell  issues in a big way.   With Obamacare we are faced with health care professionals being coerced to participate in these practices, and massive loss of those workers as a result.  Surveys of physicians by Investors Business Daily,  and the New England Journal of Medicine have yielded the same result, predicting massive attrition in the event of Obamacare.   We are also faced with women being instructed to abort, and being  told that their children  will not have access to health care if they do not.   We are faced with the denial of care for the elderly and disabled in the name of cost containment.   The writings and vocalizations of Obama’s health care advisors are clear.

Repealing Obamacare IS THE BIGGEST SOCIAL ISSUE that has  grabbed  the attention of our  conservative movement.