Republicans Push Todd Akins Out After His “Legitimate Rape” Comment.

Todd Akins used the word “legitimate” to describe the kind of rape which is easily identifiable as such, due to violence and trauma. For this reason, he is being told to leave the Missouri senate race, after having won the primary. There was a time when rape was rape, and rarely were adjectives applied. This was before Western women became so amenable to sex with strangers, before children in primary schools were being groomed for underage sex activity, and before all the new shades of gray. Probably Akin should have said “violent rape” but his off-teleprompter choice of words has been declared an unforgivable sin.

The establishment Republicans are too stupid to save America, and therefore should be replaced.

They’re so fearful about the feigned outrage of leftists about a statement that the physiological stress from a violent rape act is not conducive to pregnancy. The same Republicans are not offended by the infanticidal president, who vigorously opposed the Illinois Born Alive Infants Protection Act, which could not be passed until he left the state legislature. Obama thinks it’s fine for babies to be killed after they are born, and the vast majority of people think it’s “legitimate” for this kind of nut job to be president. Pharmer wants no more association with the morally bankrupt Republicans who have acceded to this thinking.

Those who think it makes sense to offer a woman abortion after a pregnancy after rape, should avail themselves of the various studies showing a very strong association of abortion and increased rate of suicide. Given the present data, it is malpractice to encourage abortion to treat a woman who has already been traumatized by rape.

Tea Partiers need to wake up and actively oppose the alliance of the RNC with the leftists on this matter. Please don’t waste your political contributions on the wimps of the RNC. Support only worthwhile conservatives.

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