Happy New Year

Looking for a bright spot in 2013?

Record breaking abortion clinic closures occurred in this year, says Operation Rescue.  87 surgical and 6 chemical abortion facilities were shuttered.  This leaves 582 surgical and 177 chemical abortion facilities remaining, a total of 757 abortion mills in the U.S.

Here’s hoping that this pace can be accelerated in 2014.

By the way, Russia is contemplating an abortion ban, to address their precipitous population decline.

Phil Robertson Kept It So Much More Classy Than the CDC

For the past week we have heard from innumerable media wusses complaining that Phil Robertson was crude, crass, disgusting for uttering the medical terms “anus” and “vagina” while explaining his preference for females, and lack of understanding why a man would be sexually attracted to another male.

Phil Robertson Anatomy Lesson

The real source of the complaints is that, in using those anatomical references, Phil decreased the marketability of certain homosexual practices to the primary and middle school kids, who know the basic details about the exit of the GI tract, and what comes out there.  If one clicks on the link, one can review basic gastrointestinal anatomy, and become as smart as a fifth grader.  The last thing that GLAAD wants is for the common sense of a primary school kid to be applied in evaluating these matters.

Pharmer was quite satisfied with presentation of this issue by Phil Robertson, which was direct, but not nasty, or obscene, and quite a bit more genteel than that used by the author who interviewed him, and by most others in the mainstream media (e.g. Anderson Cooper of CNN, the current king of too much information).

Phil Robertson, addressing a reporter of Gentleman’s Quarterly, a magazine directed towards adult males, was quite within the bounds of verbal propriety.

No one would dream of criticizing the manner in which this topic is handled by the United States Centers for Disease Control, which, by comparison with Phil is extremely graphic, using much more lurid and detailed  slang terminology for the various activities under discussion.

Would you rather that your primary school kids be surfing the CDC website, or listening to Phil? Click on the screen shots below to “enbiggen”, if you dare to compare.  The venerable governmental agency not only makes LIBERAL use of the A  word, and the V word, but also the R word, the C words, the O phrase, the F word and a whole lot more.  The links needed to get to these pages can also be seen at the top of the pics.

This informative nugget from Kevin DuJan had to be located and linked because it is vital to complete the information provided here.  A significant proportion of the gay community aligns with Phil Robertson at least as far as avoiding anal sex. Kevin advances an opinion that it is a “heteronormative” behavior which has been emphasized or pushed upon gay men for reasons of keeping them in a state of dependency.

Phil Robertson CDC Page1
Phil Robertson CDC Page2
Phil Robertson CDC Page3

CDC Page4
Prevention Challenges

Phil Robertson CDC Page5

Computers Will Soon Surpass Leftists

Neural network styles of computing have enabled the design of computers which can mimic the abilities of the brain, though none are approaching the efficiency of said organ in a normal human.

On the near horizon are computers which can learn from their own mistakes.  Commercial versions of such types of computer chips are set for release in 2014. What this means is that this coming year, computers will surpass the minds of leftists.  Quite a bit more work will be required to bring the functioning of computers to the level of normally functioning humans, with the ability to from experience  to bypass, circumvent or otherwise avoid errors.

In the  future is the possibility of making the “crash”  (Obamacare, for example) completely obsolete, as computers are created with the ability to learn to adapt and compensate for malfunctions.

New Apple Approved Gay Social App is Targeted for Ages 12 and Up

Distinc.tt is the latest gay social app which is targeted for underage users as young as 12 years old.  You know how these kinds of apps work.  They are tied into location services of the smart phones.  All of the good buddies that you meet on this app have the potential to find your exact location.

The app is said to be targeted towards helping gay people to find the trendie, fun places to meet, rather than having a strict focus on where to get a hookup for sex.

Conservatives like yours truly would be worrying that if kids decide to get the app for one reason or another, it gives up their location to whatever heat seekers  they might add to their contacts (unless the location settings are turned off).  That could be a problem to the youngsters in addition to the other social apps they might have running, with the privacy settings underutilized.

If your kid has Distinc.tt running on the smartphone, there’s your sign.

A&E Preaches Tolerance After It Displayed the Opposite.

The monetary cost was just too high for A&E to persist in its leftist intolerance, so with a hypocritical sermon to the rest of us about “unity, tolerance and acceptance”, the network agreed that Phil Robertson would remain on the Duck Dynasty Series.

After A&E tried to boot out a man who practices all three of their supposed values better than they do, they’re now telling us how to live, and what to think.  Objection to specific activities is entirely different from the intolerance that the leftists practice, in trying to destroy the lives of everyone who has opposing opinions and practices. Ask the bakers and the photographers who have lost their livelihoods because they opposed the practice of gay marriage on religious grounds, or health care professionals who have lost their jobs for opposing abortion.  Less famous people than Phil are routinely being squashed by leftist intolerance.

A&E has no values which they hold as more important than money. They fear losing that more than anything, and this was clearly demonstrated for all to see. The same can be said for Cracker Barrel.  The question for the future is whether you want to support organizations which will throw you and your kind overboard at the first possible opportunity.  It is possible for you to obtain Duck Dynasty episodes without having cable television.  Buy the series alone from Amazon and stream it through a Roku box.  You might be paying for cable only to watch a very few shows.  Cut the cable and use the internet.  As for Cracker Barrel….. that company appears to be past its prime, now that people understand the nature of its management.

Please consider redirecting your funds away from those who seek to silence you, or remove you from society altogether.

Other than Contraceptives, What Else Will Consume Obamacare Dollars?

Here’s one more way that you won’t want your health care dollars to be spent.  Warning, before you click: it’s gross.

While Lefties object to Phil Robertson uttering a medical term for the gastrointestinal exit, THIS is what helps to fill the hospital emergency departments.

This is what causes a person to wonder if  there are some cases in which we should not be intervening with the process of natural selection.

Chick-Phil-A Day is Jan 21

Eric Odom of Grassfire.com has started a new effort to support the free speech of Phil Robertson.  Odom connected the media backlash against Dan Cathy, president of Chik-Fil-A, after he gave his own personal opinion on gay marriage, with the move against Phil Robertson for speaking his own mind about homosexual practice.  This inspired an effort to support their free speech by getting people to wear camo, and head to Chik-Fil-A for dinner.   The restaurant corporation is not connected with initiating or carrying out this event.

For more info, check out the story at The Blaze, and Grassfire.com, as well as the Facebook page for Chik-Phil-A Appreciation day, where you can RSVP if you want to participate.

Options for Patients Who are Dodging Obamacare

A website called selfpaypatient.com has useful info for people who wish to avoid signing up for Obamacare.   There are a number of other options for covering health care expenses, including health care sharing ministries.  Some people who are serious about avoiding plans that cover abortion choose those options. There are four or five of these, with most open to practicing Christians, and one which is open to anyone who agrees with their commitment to religious liberty.

Visit the website to learn of more options for self pay and catastrophic coverage, which can save a person from bankruptcy, should disaster arise.  Pharmer is keeping a link on the sidebar, as a public service.

TX Late Term Abortionist, Douglas Karpen, Cleared by Grand Jury

After seven months, a grand jury in Texas has cleared Douglas Karpen of infanticide charges (killing babies born alive after late term abortions) in his Houston clinic.

No Indictment for Abortionist Accused of Killing Babies Born Alive.

Karpen’s accusers were his former employees, who photographed the clinic and some of the dead babies, and provided information to Life Dynamics and Operation Rescue. They claimed that he had falsified records, had done abortions after the 24 week limit, and killed babies who were born alive after his procedures.

Linked here is a video of protests, calling for the investigation of Douglas Karpen, and a little detail about his political connections.

Click here to listen to an interview of some of Karpen’s accusers by the folks at Life Dynamics.  There’s also an option at that link to see very sick photographic evidence, but you have to actively scroll an embedded Scribd document to see it.